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Which Legendary Female Novelist Are You?

Which Legendary Female Novelist Are You?

Are you always striving to do better for yourself and for others? Do your friends love your hilarious ruminations on love and/or marriage? Or do you simply prefer books to people? Take our quiz to find out which female novelist shares your convictions! Which legendary author will you be?

1. What's your idea of a romantic evening?
a) An epic battle of wits.
b) The circumstances don't matter, so long as magic is in the air.
c) Discussing philosophy deep into the night.
d) A night to myself. I'm not one for romance.
e) Bring out the puzzles!

2. What scares you more than anything?
a) A boring party.
b) Failure to live up to my own expectations.
c) Fantastical terrors, like the undead or the apocalypse. But they also fascinate me.
d) Other people.
e) Real-life terrors, like crooks and murderers. But they also fascinate me.

3. What do you look for in a friend?
a) Humor, coupled with an independent nature.
b) Compassion, and the courage to act on it.
c) Intelligence, and an adventurous spirit.
d) Great books are my best friends.
e) Practicality, with an edge of mystery.

4. What is the most interesting career to you, besides writing?
a) I could be a great seamstress, but please don't condemn me to something so dull.
b) Philanthropist. That's why I've become one!
c) Professional wanderer. I could explore the world on a shoestring forever.
d) Astronomer. I can't keep my head out of the stars, let alone the clouds.
e) Archeology. Ancient objects are even better storytellers than I am.

5. What type of literature are you most passionate about?
a) Comedy.
b) Fantasy.
c) Horror.
d) Science Fiction.
e) Mystery.

If you got mostly A's, you are Jane Austen! Congratulations: you are the Queen of Wit. A keen social observer, you read people as easily as you read books. You tend to know the intentions of others before even they do, making you a valuable advisor to your friends. You also dispense your wisdom in hilarious verbal barbs, so you are often the life of the party. Everyone you know is grateful for your sense and sensibility.

If you got mostly B's, you are J.K. Rowling! You are a powerhouse of a human being: fiercely imaginative with an expansive social conscience. You feel your biggest enemy is your own self-doubt, and you are constantly at war with that inner Voldemort. You are both defiantly independent, nourishing a rich inner world, and committed to using your life to help others in need. Thanks for making the world more magical!

If you got mostly C's, you are Mary Shelley! You are a fascinating paradox of a human being—a Frankenstein's monster, if you will (we mean it in a good way, promise). Sometimes, you are a wild, argumentative firebrand, but you are just as often quiet, reflective, and prone to dark thoughts. You are completely uninterested in small talk, much preferring to discuss profound philosophical issues centered on politics, science, and the future of humanity. You are addicted to new experiences, and love to travel, meet new people, and try new things.

If you got mostly D's, you are Octavia E. Butler! You are the definition of the proverb, "still waters run deep." Nothing makes you happier than a bookshelf filled with science fiction, classic literature, and science books. Your imagination is so rich and complex that it's all you've ever needed to keep you entertained. While you enjoy the company of other people in small doses, you are committed to life as a "happy hermit." But even so, your stories, filled with grand visions and wise messages, will make millions of people feel connected to you.

If you got mostly E's, you are Agatha Christie! You excel at solving complex problems, and have a witty edge that offsets your curiosity about all things macabre. Nothing piques your interest more than a situation where things simply do not add up. Your incredible attention to detail helps you read both people and environments, extracting information where others would see nothing of importance. Over the years, you've acquired so much arcane knowledge that you could win any trivia night hands down.

Which female novelist are you?

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