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8 Geeky Pranks for April Fool's

8 Geeky Pranks for April Fool's

There's no better day for geeks than April Fool's. It's the day geeks at Google have bamboozled the world with Gmail Motion and changing their name to Topeka. It's the day when the BBC tricks people into thinking spaghetti grows on trees. It's truly the day when brains triumph over brawn.

Here's our top list of pranks for this April 1st:

1. Switch primary and secondary buttons on victim's mouse. Make left-click right-click. Get a comfortable seat and wait for victim to sit down at computer.

2. Sticky note victim's car windshield—with these.

3. Install a VNC client on victim's computer and control it from yours. For an extra 50 points, pull up a document and type "SO THIS IS WHAT SELF-AWARENESS FEELS LIKE."

4. Change their autocorrect feature. So when they type "hello!" their phone says "I'd really like to meet your grandma."

5. Change victim's wallpaper to this.

6. Install the Newton Virus on victim's computer. This virus, as you can see in the video, causes all the desktop icons to fall from their perches and into a pile at the bottom of the screen, where they stay, rolling back and forth when you move the computer.

7. Conduct a raid on victim using this R/C helicopter with a water cannon. And just because they call it a water cannon is no reason you have to use water.

8. Change victim's QWERTY keyboard to the settings of a Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. Which will make life anything but simplified.

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