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Playstation 4 "Mind Controller" Set For Release in 2015

Playstation 4 "Mind Controller" Set For Release in 2015

In conjunction with the impending release of Playstation 4, Sony Entertainment Systems announced today that they are developing software that will allow users to control games using nothing more than their minds!

The new controller, nicknamed “Mind Controller,” is a light, plastic helmet-like shell with a thin, silicon interior lining. Between the silicon and plastic is an intricate layer of highly sensitive computer chips. When on one’s skull, the chips measure frequency and intensity of stimulation in different cortexes of the brain. The system is pre-programmed to understand which parts of the mind control specific areas of the body. It pairs stimulation by section of occurrence to desired action of character.

In essence, if a user strongly THINKS about moving a character, the game will recognize the thought and create it on-screen.

In early stages of development, the technology was limited to simple directional actions (such as steering left or right in driving games). Now, however, users have much more freedom and control in what they wish to create. “The development moved much more quickly than what we had anticipated,” said Sony spokesperson April D’Shun Wai. “Without having to create code for each individual action, it really allowed for more naturalistic movement of characters.”

The largest obstacle now isn’t in the technology but rather user distraction. D’Shun Wai stresses that players must be able to commit full focus to the game they’re playing. Otherwise, users will see their characters play out “real world thoughts” such as scratching an itch or answering a ringing telephone.

Other difficulties include the sensor chips not reading through thick heads of hair and encountering interference from dental appliances, such as retainers and braces.

Along with the raw entertainment value, D’Shun Wai believes the controller is revolutionary and valuable because it will make video games more “academically stimulating” and will “promote creativity by not limiting actions.”

Also, the controller will reduce the physical strain of video games and reduce cases of carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

The Sony “Mind Controller” is set to debut in early 2015 and should be available for mass consumption within the next six years. Cost is estimated to be a bit high, around $600 per controller, due to the advanced “smart” technology included in each one. It has wireless control and will come in three stylish colors and one not-so-stylish color.

Also, April fools you fools. This is all fake.

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