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Why Matt Smith Is the Best Doctor, EVER

Why Matt Smith Is the Best Doctor, EVER

Rumors are swirling that the Christmas Special in 2013 will end up being the final appearance of our beloved Matt Smith as the Doctor on Doctor Who, and this has us thinking about all the ways that he has been so wonderful as our favorite time travelling humanoid alien. Although he may not have the length of tenure of such classic Doctors as Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, if the rumors are true, we really think he has captured the role more completely than any that have come before him. So without further ado, here’s our list of the five reasons Matt Smith is the best Doctor so far.

1. Catch phrases
On their own, catch phrases aren’t enough to make one actor or character better than the other. However, adding it to all the other things that make a character great can seriously add to the memorability. The same way our parents remember “We’ll always have Paris” from Humphrey Bogart, Doctor Who fans of this generation will have a fondness for “Bow ties are cool” and “GERONIMO!”

2. Nostalgia
Shortly after receiving the role, Matt Smith mentioned that his favorite previous Doctor was Patrick Troughton, who wonderfully played the role from 1966 until 1969. This came out in his portrayal as well, as Troughton had the sort of wry silliness and subtle brilliance that has made Matt Smith’s version so great. Smith’s portrayal as the Eleventh Doctor is really a mixture of Troughton’s calculatingly goofy appearance with the inner darkness of Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor, as shown first by his angry proclamation in “The Beast Below,” his second episode in the role: “No one human has anything to say to me right now!”

3. Fashion sense
Although Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor might not fit in with the normal folks of today, there is something positively endearing about the way he rocks the bow tie and suspenders look, something that hipsters having been trying and failing for so long. It also helps that these are throwbacks to Doctors of old times, as Patrick Troughton pulled off a bow tie and Colin Baker wore suspenders in their turns as the Doctor in the original run from 1963 to 1989.

4. Good writing
Aside from simply acting brilliance, Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor has benefited from really excellent writing. There are so many episodes that have already aired during his run that would be considered by many to be all-time Doctor Who classics. Among these are “The Eleventh Hour” and “Vincent and the Doctor” from his first year, as well as “The Girl Who Waited” and the Neil Gaiman-penned “The Doctor’s Wife” of series six. Generally, a great Doctor Who actor has but one or two episodes that really make it into the upper echelons of greatness, but Matt Smith has had at least four, if not more.

5. Knowing when to stop
As much as the majority of Doctor Who fans love Tom Baker, it is generally agreed that he started to be a little bit less awesome in his last couple seasons as the Doctor. If the rumors are indeed true, and Matt Smith does leave the role at the end of 2013, he will be truly leaving in his prime. He never really had a bad period in his run, and contributed mightily to some of the most memorable times in the existence of the Doctor, without having to worry about sticking around too long and getting bored with the role.

What is your opinion of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor on Doctor Who? Where do you rank him among the best to ever play the part?

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