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Video Games That Should Have Gender Switches

Video Games That Should Have Gender Switches

In Father-of-the-Year news, there’s been a story making the rounds about a dad who figured out a way to switch the roles of Mario and the Princess in the original Donkey Kong, so that his little girl could play as the princess and save the overweight Italian plumber from the big ape, instead of the other way around. This got us thinking about what other games would benefit from a reversal of the sexes.

1) Half-Life 2

Gender Roles Switched: Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance.

By the end of HL2, the character of Alyx was someone who you really felt like you knew. She was smart, beautiful, and knew how to use a gravity gun. Face it, whether you were a guy or girl gamer, you fell hard for her.

On the other hand, despite the fact that you played a solid 50+ hours as Mr. Gordon Freeman, you really don’t know much about him, other than the fact that he’s highly skilled at pulling levers, pushing buttons and taking down head crabs one clip at a time.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to kill two birds with one stone and switch the roles of these characters? Let’s have Alyx, a girl who you know can handle herself just fine, as the character who has to make her way through the labyrinth of City 17, and let Gordon be the NPC that helps you along the way. This way, we’ll actually get to learn more about our friend Gordon (like what his voice sounds like, for example) and we get to play as Alyx, who is awesome. It’s a win-win.

2) Duke Nukem Forever

Gender Roles Switched: Duke Nukem and a stripper from one of those clubs he enters.

You know who we suspect wouldn’t be too crazy about this whole gender switching business? Mr. Dukem. The character simply oozed testosterone and butt kicking. But unfortunately for him, his opinion isn’t very relevant anymore, as his last game has been widely panned by both critics and gamers. But you know what might resurrect the failing franchise? Why, a little gender switching of course!

How cool would it be if the crass, boorish killing machine main of DN was not some John Wayne wannabe, but a fiery female with a quick trigger finger. Finally, girl gamers could have a character of their own that only cared for the two most important things in life: Chewing bubblegum and kicking butt.

But don’t worry, there would still be a spot for ol’ Duke. He’ll be one of the pole dancers that we see at the clubs. We’ll give him a taste of his own objectifying medicine.

3) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Gender Switch: Solid Snake and Raiden

Wait, your telling us that Raiden was actually a man?! Get out of here! You totally blew our minds just now!

In any case, it would be a fun change of pace to see how a female spy would do as she tried to make her way through the Big Shell Disposal Factory. She wouldn’t be able to use the brute force of Solid Snake, so she would have to rely on her cunning, and sneaking ability (Not that Snake wasn’t good at that too), to successfully execute her mission. She would also probably be more agile and quicker than Snake, which would come in handy, and she wouldn’t be as wimpy as that cry-baby Raiden, because no one could be as wimpy as him. No one. God, he was awful.

4)  Pac-Man

Gender Switch: Mr. Pacman and Mrs. Pacman

We’ve long suspected that Mrs. Pacman was the superior ghost eater/escaper in the relationship, and Mr. Pacman was given easier levels and opponents so that he would seem equal. Well, let's test this theory right now, but having both characters walk around in the other’s non-existent shoes.  That is, if Mr. Pacman has the guts, of course.

Did we miss any?

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