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10 Fictional Spaceships We Want To Live On!

10 Fictional Spaceships We Want To Live On!

Point of fact: there are a hella-ton of amazing spaceships that have sped through our pop culture radar via TV and movies. And it could take years debating which ones are faster, have better weapons, etc. But how many of these galactic rustbuckets would actually be kosher to live on? Using comfort, coolness, and personality as our criteria, we’ve assembled a list of spaceships we’d most wanna shack up in!

1. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Star Trek, The Next Generation

Amenities: We chose this over all the other Trek ships because of pure poshness—it looks beyond comfy. It has holodecks, state-of-the-art medical facilities, a school, a gym, and labs devoted to astrophysics and cybernetics, to name a few. Let’s live there now!

Originality Points For: Wesley Crusher lived there. Odds of a Wheaton sighting are high.

2. Millennium Falcon, Star Wars

Amenities: “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought,” Leia tells Han when she first sees the Falcon. It’s definitely not posh, but it’s the fastest hunk o’ junk in the galaxy, it has escape pods, and let’s not forget the Dejarik table—aka the coolest chess set ever!

Originality Points For: Did we mention that hologrammed chess set?

3. Heart of Gold, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Amenities: The technology on HOG is some of the coolest ever. It has extremely friendly doors, its décor is art deco meets futuristic outerspace, and both the ship and its passengers can change from rubber ducks into balls of yarn, back into a ship/people again. Yes, please, for the experience alone!

Originality Points For: Infinite Improbability Drive, which is a) faster than the speed of light, and b) allows its passengers to travel through any and every point in the Universe.

4. Galactica, Battlestar Galactica

Amenities: “The Bucket” was near death, but it had all you need and more: a way cool hangar deck, a kind and attentive doctor, and a seemingly endless supply of recycled water, whiskey, and other libations. Plus, the quarters always looked comfy.

Originality Points For: Galactica’s integrated computer networks, which remained free from Cylon tampering.

5. Titan, Titan AE

Amenities: Oh, nothing too big. This ship just has the ability to save and replenish the entire planet, because it’s stocked with DNA from every species ever alive! That’s all.

Originality Points For: See: amenities.

6. Serenity, Firefly/Serenity

Amenities: Not many—the ship is as ragtag as its crew. But, like its crew, it also has character. Sure, you might sleep on a hammock, but you’d be captained by Mal, piloted by Wash, and the kitchen is cooler than most kitchens.

Originality Points For: It’s an old beater, but its character makes it original. Plus, it has a pretty snazzy pull-out bathroom sink.

7-8. Eagle 5 and Spaceball 1, Spaceballs

Amenities: Eagle 5 and Spaceball 1 are parodies of the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, respectively. Eagle 5 is basically an RV with wings. It’s fantastic. Spaceball 1 is so big, it has a zoo and shopping mall, among other things.

Originality Points For: Eagle 5 still has its tires, and is capable of pretty sweet landings. Spaceball 1 has 4 speeds: sub-light, light, ridiculous speed, and ludicrous speed, which leaves a trail of plaid.

9. Red Dwarf, Red Dwarf

Amenities: The Dwarf on this cult Brit hit is stocked with 30,000 years worth of food, and it has rooms like The Science Room, from whence you can also navigate the ship. And let’s not forget awesome shuttles like the Blue Midget, which looks like a cross between an AT-AT Walker and a helicopter with a bumper sticker that says: “My Other Space Ship is a Red Dwarf.”

Originality Points For: The ship is fueled by a variation of the Bussard ramjet method: a “scoop” located on the front of the ship sucks in hydrogen, compressing it. High speeds then force the hydrogen into a magnetic field, where thermonuclear fusion occurs, and the hydrogen is expelled as exhaust going opposite its intended direction, thus propelling the ship. Sweet!

10. Fhloston Paradise, The Fifth Element

Amenities: Every part of this luxury liner that hovers over a gorgeous planet with over 400 beaches—the rooms, the halls, the sleeping quarters—are plush and luxurious. The bizarre Hawaiian-meets-Moulin Rouge décor is also a plus.

Originality Points For: It’s actually a space hotel, complete with rooftop pools, a sun deck, and an opera house. What could be cooler than a space hotel?

Which spaceships would YOU most want to live on?

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