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6 "Game of Thrones" Characters That Deserve Spin-Off Comedy Series

6 "Game of Thrones" Characters That Deserve Spin-Off Comedy Series

With Game of Thrones' third season in full swing, we realize more than ever that the realm of the Seven Kingdoms is a grand tapestry woven together from the human drama of each individual character. But there are only so many characters the spotlight can focus on, so it’s no surprise that some fall by the wayside. It’s this sort of neglect that makes us wish there were spin-off series that put the lesser folk on a pedestal... and, just maybe, lighten up Game of Thrones’ somber and serious atmosphere by injecting some sorely needed comedic relief. Check out our picks for 6 Game of Thrones characters that deserve spin-off comedy series!

1 & 2) Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Doreah in Ain't My Vault

Last time we saw Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Doreah, the two were futilely begging for some shred of clemency from Daenerys Targaryen as they were being locked inside a vault as punishment for their ill-conceived dragon-napping. In spite of the doomed pair’s imprisonment, their story is far from told in Ain't My Vault! In the premiere episode, Xaro regrets having that plate of Qarthen oysters more than crossing Daeneryrs, the delicacy wreaking havoc on his stomach—much to Doreah’s chagrin. Bet your bottom piece of gold that Ain't My Vault is the only show where the jokes are every bit as ripe as Xaro’s noxious farts!

3) Ned Stark in Ned of the Undead

His head may have been impaled on a pike, but even a mad king can't keep Ned Stark down... as long he has his necromancer pal close by, that is. After being expelled from King’s Landing’s secret—and outlawed—necromancy school, a pie-eyed Alvin Falemore desperately seeks to enter his headmaster’s good graces once again by raising Ned from the dead. While successful, King Joffrey’s soldiers catch Alvin in the act, with he and his headless compatriot labeled fugitives. On the run from Joffrey’s forces, Alvin and Ned find themselves in one misadventure after another, all while learning that friendship is the strongest magic of them all. Brace yourselves, giggles and smiles are coming with Ned of the Undead!

4) Samwell Tarly in All's Well That's Samwell

He has only one job, and that job is to leave us in stitches! Taking place during his hectic Night Watch training days—a chapter in his troublesome life that was overlooked somewhat in Game of Thrones—All's Well That's Samwell places the focus on our tubby protagonist, chronicling his narrow escapes from courtyard towel whippings and being dangled upside down into ye olde toilet. Low man on the totem pole he may be, but that’s not to say he doesn’t have friends looking out for him, like Claw Daddy, the streetwise talking crow with an attitude, and Stumps the blind and limbless cook. Jon Snow even makes a guest appearance in the series' first episode!

5) The Unsullied Soldiers in Refundable

In the tradition of classic television programs that brought some questionable levity to wartime situations, Refundable entertains us with the bumbling antics of a group of Unsullied soldiers that find themselves failing to meet the satisfaction of their new warlords and winding up back at Astapor. From a surprise birthday party for Kraznys mo Nakloz that nearly sets the city ablaze to retrieving their comrade’s sliced nipple from a hungry seagull, the lovable misfits of the Unsullied put the “fun” back in Refundable and bungle their way right into your heart—provided their spears haven’t done so already.

6) The White Walkers in Cold Shoulder

Ever wonder what White Walkers do when they’re not hacking up the guards of the Night Watch or filling the bitterly cold air with the sound of their unnerving shrieks? So do we, and you’ll learn all this and more with their own comedy series Cold Shoulder! For instance, watch with glee as the White Walkers try to piece together a village of Free Folk they’ve reduced to mincemeat with nothing but tattered rags, wax, and a flimsy understanding of human anatomy. In another episode, an overly ambitious few attempt to breach the Wall’s defenses with some Wile E. Coyote-inspired inventions that, naturally, go horribly and hilariously wrong! Once you watch Cold Shoulder, you’ll never look at the White Walkers in the same light again.

Which of these spin-off comedy series would you watch?

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