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Most Adorable Animal Videos On Zee Internetz

Most Adorable Animal Videos On Zee Internetz

By Robert Punchur

Al Gore invented the internetz with the secret intention of sharing cute animal videos! You know it’s true because Al Gore loves polar bears! Since then, the internetz has been used for engaging social medias, globalizing culture, spreading world news, and other boring stuff like that. It’s greatest service, however, remains the spread of adorable animal antics. So for your cute and cuddly viewing pleasure, we compiled a list of THE MOST ADORABLE ANIMAL VIDEOS ON ZEE INTERNETZ.

This video has one real animal and one stuffed animal. It will make your brain buckle with its cuteness. The cat even winks at the end because he KNOWS how cute he is.


Cats nap because being the most adorable animal on the internetz is an exhausting job. At the end of a long week full of piano playing and laser pointer chasing, all these felines want to do is lie back and relax. So then, if one of their adorable buddies decides to give a little massage, that’s just an added bonus.

Dis kitty be so famous! No matter how many times we watch the video, the most surprising part is always in how funny we still find it.

Let’s face facts, dogs—the internetz loves cats more. So if man’s best friend wants to make this list, he has to do something truly exceptional… like maybe salsa dance!?

Whats more adorable than a baby’s first steps? A baby panda’s first steps! Because everything is more impressive when an animal does it! Oh! And do you know what makes it even cuter? THIS LITTLE GUY’S NAME IS SAUSAGE!

Whats your favorite cute animal video from the internetz?

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