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Which Batman Sidekick Are You?

Which Batman Sidekick Are You?

Whenever the name Batman is on the front of a comic book, we know it’s all about the one and only Caped Crusader. The truth is, though, that as long as there has been a Batman, there has been a sidekick. First it was Robin, then it was Batgirl, and another Robin, and another Robin, and… well, you get the point. The question is, if you were one member of Batman’s illustrious collection of sidekicks, which one would YOU be?

1. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of your mother?
A.) Regret
B.) Troubled
C.) Gone
D.) Witness
E.) Frustrating

2. What would you say is your greatest weakness?
A.) Second fiddle syndrome
B.) Questionable ethics
C.) Can be psychologically manipulative to get your way
D.) You have the tendency to hold a grudge
E.) You have trouble following orders from authority figures

3. If you didn’t live in Gotham, where would you be?
A.) Chicago
B.) Anyplace urban—you’re definitely not the type for small towns
C.) Can’t imagine living anywhere else
D.) Somewhere in south east Asia
E.) Tibet

4. How would you describe your ideal partner?
A.) Good sense of humor
B.) Strong and tough
C.) Loyal and loving
D.) Highly intelligent
E.) Not the sort of thing you’re interested in.

5. If you weren’t a costumed vigilante, what would you be doing for a living?
A.) Entertainer
B.) Bounty hunter
C.) Librarian
D.) College professor
E.) King of a third world country

If you got mostly A’s, you are Dick Grayson/Nightwing. You were the very first Robin and Batman’s original sidekick. You’ve long since struck out on your own, taking up the mantle of Nightwing. You’ve also been Batman a couple times, including when Bruce Wayne was recovering from a back injury and most recently when he was thought to be dead. You’re an incredibly gifted fighter, which is probably helped by your background as an acrobat.

If you got mostly B’s, you are Jason Todd/Red Hood. You had big shoes to fill when you became the second Robin, and things got a little rough when the Joker killed you. Still, you were resurrected and managed to make a living as a vigilante again. As the Red Hood, you’re a bit harsher than other members of the Bat-family when it comes to criminals, but you have become closer to Bruce again and you are an important member of the team.

If you got mostly C’s, you are Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. You’re the daughter of the commissioner, which is stressful enough. To make things worse, you were shot by the Joker and left in a wheelchair up until recently. Luckily, you kick a lot of butt no matter whether you’re wheelchair-bound Oracle or fighting crime more directly as Batgirl.

If you got mostly D’s, you are Tim Drake/Red Robin. As the third Robin, you have a lot more in common with Batman than any of his other previous sidekicks. Your family was well-off just like Bruce Wayne’s, and you had the misfortune of losing your parents (depending on which continuity we’re talking about). You also just happen to be about the smartest person ever associated with Batman, other than perhaps Bruce Wayne himself.

If you got mostly E’s, you are Damian Wayne/Robin. You were Bruce Wayne’s secret kid for most of your life, before you finally joined up with dear old dad and became the latest in the line of Robins. You were an extraordinarily talented crime fighter, despite your youth, but recently died saving the world. At least you died a hero.

Which Batman sidekick are you?

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