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5 Great Sci-Fi Reads for Spring

5 Great Sci-Fi Reads for Spring

One of the only hard parts about being a bookworm is figuring out what the heck to read next. Lucky for you, Masterminds, we have kept an eye on the latest and greatest in science fiction to give you some suggestions for when you’re looking to curl up with some space ships and dystopia during the Spring. We promise that summer will come much faster if you’ve got your collective noses in some good books! Here's our spring round up:

1. London Falling by Paul Cornell To most audiences, Paul Cornell is known as the television writer behind some legendary Doctor Who episodes, like “Human Nature” and “Father’s Day.” London Falling is his first original novel, and it’s getting great buzz from fellow writers like Ben Aaronovitch and George R.R. Martin. High praise indeed! London Falling is already out in the U.K and will be available stateside on April 16th.

2. Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer From the great writer behind the “WWW” trilogy, Red Planet Blues is a futuristic detective story set on Mars. How cool is that? Sawyer isn’t known necessarily for his writing style, but more so the depth and realism of his characters and the cinematic quality of his plot lines. Reading one of his books is like playing an awesome movie in your head.

3. The Burning of Cherry Hill by A.K. Butler A self-published young adult dystopian novel, telling the story of a brother and sister trying to find their parents after they are taken away from them by the ambiguous overreaching government that now controls the United States. It has great prose and perfect pacing; you’d never know that it was self-published.

4. The Human Division by John Scalzi In this futuristic military sci-fi series, the military requires all enlistees to be 75 years old before they are allowed into the army. At that point, their consciences are transferred to new bodies, so they have the experience of someone who has lived a long life but the athleticism and health of a younger person. The Human Division is the fifth book in this great series (beginning with Old Man’s War), and has been released in many parts on online retailers. The final collected edition is due on May 14th!

5. The Bookman Histories by Lavie Tidhar A wonderful alternate history steampunky adventure trilogy collected in both ebook and paperback form. It’s the story of Victorian England with steampunk technology under the iron boot of lizard-like evil rulers. Every book in the trilogy is something fresh and just plain awesome.

This is just a small sample of the great sci-fi books that have come out recently and will be released soon. Whether you like books with crazy battles with aliens, evil governments, detectives in space, or lizard kings, there are tons of great books to read this Spring for lovers of sci-fi like us.

What are you planning to read this spring?

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