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Apps Harry Potter Should Have Had

Apps Harry Potter Should Have Had

1. Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals, a recipe app that provides users with healthy meal options that take less than thirty minutes to make. For a teenage wizard on the go, eating healthy isn't easy and the importance of a proper diet shouldn't be overlooked. Harry might have had more success against a pair of "Death Eaters" if a half hour ago he didn't have a full jar of "Home Made Yummy Honey."

2. ESPN ScoreCenter, an app that acts as a hub for scores from sporting events the world over. Quidditch included.

3. What's App, an app that allows you to connect with friends in other countries via text message. Harry could have used this app to better communicate long-distance with one-time flame Cho Chang.

4. The Weather Channel, a helpful app that gives you up-to-date weather reports and full weekly forecasts. How many times was he traveling through the sky at night and, all of a sudden, he hit an expected lightning storm?  "This is great! First, Bellatrix and now thundershowers!"

5. Instagram! How cool would it have been if Harry was able to Instagram his final fight with Voldomort? Are you kidding me? #theonewhosenamewedon'tspeak, would have, at the very least, been a trending topic that day.

6. Angry Birds HD. We're not sure how this popular video game compares to casting spells or taming dragons... but it's a lot of fun.

7. Magic Piano, an app that gives you the ability to effortlessly play songs on your iPad. Harry could have used this "magic" to serenade Ginny Weasley. Playing a lady a song on the magic piano is much more heartfelt than turning a napkin into a frog!

8. Adobe Reader, an app that lets you open PDF files on mobile devices. It would be silly to expect that all spells and enchantments were emailed as Word documents.

9. IMDB, an entertainment app that provides information for all things movies! Harry could have used this app to find out who plays him and his friends in all the movies based on them.  Also, to see if Jaws won Best Picture in 1975.

Aside from apps, Siri is something Harry definitely could have used instead of constantly relying on Hermione every time he was confused about a spell. For example, "Siri, how do I disarm another wizard?" "Expelliarmus Harry!" This way, Hermoine could have focused more energy on her feelings towards Ron and less of it bailing out young Mr. Potter.

What other apps should Harry have had?

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