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Top 10 Biggest Scientific Errors in Jurassic Park

Velociraptor Inaccuracies

The Movie: Velociraptors are large pack-hunters endowed with incredibly advanced intelligence. They are "lethal at eight months" and are, undoubtedly, very clever girls.

Real Life: The size of the cinematic velociraptor is perhaps the most egregious scientific error of the whole movie. Real velociraptors were about the size of turkeys. To win a fight with a human, a velociraptor would have to take on a toddler. Velociraptor's cousins, Deinonychus and Utahraptor, were about the size of the raptors depicted in Jurassic Park, but both have rather ungainly names (plus, Utahraptor was discovered after the movie was already in production). But if velociraptors weren't the biggest, were they at least the brightest? Nope. That honor goes to the bird-like Troodon, which had one of the largest ratios of brain mass to body size of any dinosaur. While the raptor family may have been smarter than the average dinosaur, it is incredibly unlikely they had the brains to figure out door handles.

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