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Top 10 Biggest Scientific Errors in Jurassic Park

The Amber-Coated Mosquito

The Movie: John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) shows his visitors a video in which liquid blood is extracted from a Mesozoic mosquito fossilized in amber. Samples like this, we are told, were used to clone all the dinosaurs in the park. No biggie, right? Just get yourself an old, preserved blood-sucker and voila dinosaur pets!

Real Life: Sadly, sticking a needle into a 66-million-year-old dead insect will not give you liquid dinosaur blood. Though amber does preserve specimens in exquisite detail, time takes its toll, and most of the tissue will decay. Some DNA has been successfully extracted from specimens like this, but it is the genetic material of the insect itself, not the animal blood it fed on. Also, the movie shows the mosquito being unearthed in the Dominican Republic, but that region does not produce fossils that ancient, by a margin of a few dozen million years. Nice try.

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