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Top 10 Biggest Scientific Errors in Jurassic Park

Dino... Droppings?

The Movie: In a quest to discover why Jurassic Park's Triceratops is periodically sick, Ellie Sattler plunges elbow-deep into a giant pile of its droppings. She's, uh, tenacious.

Real Life: As Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) rather crudely points out, the pile of Triceratops droppings is really huge. In fact, it's too huge. There's no way a Triceratops could poop out its own body size. Fossilized dinosaur dung, respectfully called "coprolites," indicate that such a massive bowel movement would be out of the ordinary for anything other than a giant sauropod. For your viewing delight, pictured here is a lovely specimen some unnamed carnivorous dinosaur left behind for us to study.

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