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Top 10 Biggest Scientific Errors in Jurassic Park

Dilophosaurus Inaccuracies

The Movie: Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) is in the middle of his heist when he comes across a dilophosaur. He tells the small carnivore he has no food on him, but the dilophosaur disagrees. It blinds him by shooting an venomous ooze into his eyes, then manages to get into the passenger seat of his car to finish the job. Turns out he had some food on him after all!

Real Life: There is no evidence at all to suggest that dilophosaurs shot venom at their victims to stun them. There's also no evidence of that decorative neck frill that launches black goo at Nedry. In fact, dilophosaurs were way too badass to even need such accoutrements: they were much bigger than the film version (perhaps it was a juvenile), and had lightly built bodies, allowing them to sprint faster than most theropods (such as T-Rex).

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