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Get Hooked on Kyle McCoy's Series: "The Roulette Chronicles"

Get Hooked on Kyle McCoy's Series: "The Roulette Chronicles"

Do you crave adventure? Exploits? Action? Excitement? Synonyms? Then we have the show for you! MindHut's resident pixel artist Kyle McCoy has put together the first episode of an expansive old-timey radio serial about the world of espionage. Modelled after the idiosyncratic shows of the first half of the 20th Century (such as The Shadow or Dick Tracy), The Roulette Chronicles is a fast-paced, explosively imaginative adventure serial with some seriously impressive alliterations. Don't believe us? Check out the first episode, which has been released as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Two more episodes will follow within the next two weeks.

"Episode 1: Just Another Day" follows young secret agent Jack Roulette and his mentor Benedict Wolfe on their last mission together before Wolfe's retirement. Benedict is a man moulded by the Golden Age of Espionage (think Sean Connery's James Bond). He's lived a life filled with grandiose villains, gorgeous women, and excessive partying in between top secret missions. Jack has soaked up these lessons without recognizing that such skills will prove useless in the modern world. It will take more than witty one-liners to bring down the villains of the 21st Century, and the women he'll come across would rather be armed than charmed. He has a lot of catching up to do.

So much is packed into each installment: you'll encounter mind-control drugs, midair battles, freeze-rays, and suspected moles all within the first episode. But that's not all! The Roulette Chronicles is also an interactive experience, in which listeners are tipped off to secret codes, which can be de-crypted using personal decoder rings. Check out the rewards you can get for backing the Kickstarter campaignyou can become an honorary HELM agent, or even get a shout out in a future episode!

Join the adventure, Masterminds. The Roulette-Verse is waiting for you.

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