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5 Awesome Ideas To Cosplay Your Way Through Prom!

5 Awesome Ideas To Cosplay Your Way Through Prom!

Sick and tired of the same old prom getups? Want something that will separate the true geeks from the peeps in rented tuxes? How about an outfit that combines the awesomeness of prom with the kick-buttery (it’s so a word) of cosplay? Never fear, because we have your back this prom season! We’ve whipped up a short and sweet list of awesome cosplay ideas you could rock at prom.

Tiana from Princess and the Frog

Cosplay and animation go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why we think one outfit that would make an awesome prom dress is Tiana’s green ballgown from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.  It’s pretty and the silhoutte definitely screams "prom!" Best of all, there would be almost no chance of someone showing up in the same dress. There’s nothing more disappointing than one of your classmates wearing the same thing as you. Total lamesauce.

The Eleventh Doctor at Rory & Amy’s Wedding

Can’t resist the lure of top hat and tails? Want to proudly show your love of all things Doctor Who? Proms are a formal occasion, so what better excuse to wear the outfit the The Eleventh Doctor wore to Rory and Amy’s wedding? You may not be able to land the Tardis in the middle of the dancefloor, but you will look dashing (and a tad raggedy) in the Doctor’s favorite formalwear.

Codex’s White Dress

Who says your love for The Guild (and Felicia Day!) have to stay online? Codex’s white dress, complete with awesome accessories, would make a geektastic prom dress. Even better, you can still get milage out of it after prom… perhaps at your favorite convention (ComicCon, anyone?).

Joker’s Suit

We ask you, Masterminds, what color says “special occasion” more than purple? Imagine rocking The Joker’s signature purple suit to prom. You’ve got several variations to chose from, but personally we love Joker’s suit from The Dark Knight best of all. However, we’d suggest ditching the makeup unless you want to come off as, well, a homicidal clown.

Inara from Firefly

Want to be the best dressed in the ‘verse? The ever-present regal silhouettes and jewel tones in Inara’s wardrobe would give you a number of awesome (and completely-appropriate-for-prom!) outfits to chose from. Pair this with the right accessories—like a statement necklace and a sweet clutch—and you’re all set. Ooh, shiny!

Which cosplay outfit would you wear to prom?

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