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Blogging Vampire Diaries: Night of the Comet

Blogging Vampire Diaries: Night of the Comet


Vicki wakes up from her attack, but may wish she hadn’t. Stefan and Damon have a battle of wills, and Elena decides that it’s time to, “fly free, walk on sunshine, and all that stuff.” I sat down to enjoy the second episode of Vampire Diaries, where the town is holding the Night of the Comet festival, and here’s what I observed (SPOILERS).

Title—It’s nice to see a show making a cool, throw-back reference. CW is pretty good about tossing things like this in from time to time.

2:00—This is the second episode to start with a couple getting knocked off by a vamp-attack (last episode on the road, this time out camping). If this is a regular thing it seems like Mystic Falls is going to run out of attractive couples sooner or later (Also, I’m just presuming that it’s Damon doing this, but I guess it’s not entirely clear).

6:30—I dig in-your-face Jeremy getting up in Tyler’s business… and a death threat!

7:30—It’s not really stalking if you just happen to have super-hearing and listen into distant conversations, right?

8:35—Aunt Jenna is a Sommers (That sounds an awful lot like the last name of a famous vampire slayer)? Writers being cute, or pure coincidence?

9:00—Mr. Tanner can be kind of a… jerk (we’ll say).

9:50—Vicki’s got a case of the screamsies!

17:30—I don’t know if Stefan’s eyebrows are one of his vampire powers, but if he keeps frowning at Damon like that, they are going to wear out!

21:00—For an event that only gets held every century and a half, Night of the Comet seems to be pretty big business in Mystic Falls. I feel like the town council should be proud of themselves.

29:00—This exchange with Matt is a good example of something that seems cool. In this (as in a few other scenes) Stefan seems to respond to things like a much older man would, rather than just an eternal teenager. I don’t know if the writers or Paul Wesley deserve more of the credit, but either way, it pays off.

31:00—Even if Damon is a little cartoonishly villainous at this point, he seems like he has the makings of a great character—ruthless, clever, and fun to watch.

41:00—First smooches! With a high school romance drama there are two tried-and-true (and tired) ways to stretch out romantic tension—the “will they or won’t they” and the “on again/off again.” It’s nice to see that this show didn’t go for the first option, but I fear what this means for the second.

41:26—Vamp attack! Damon kisses more aggressively, doesn’t he? Here’s another parallel to the first episode. Both began with a vampire (Damon?) attacking a couple. Both more-or-less ended with Damon biting one of the peripheral characters. Things will get silly pretty quickly if that keeps up, so imagine it won’t last for long, but I’ll be glad to see where things go.

What do you think is the best episodes of season one?

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