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We Really Hope this Real Life Geek Couple Gets Together!

We Really Hope this Real Life Geek Couple Gets Together!

Are you familiar with craigslist's Missed Connections? It's a message board on for people who made schmexy eye contact with a stranger but were too shy/didn't have the opportunity to ask for that stranger's phone number. Many Missed Connections are smarmy ("Hot girl sticking her booty out on the train"), some are weird, ("I feel like I know your soul, purple vixen!"), and very occasionally, some are adorable.

That brings us to The Way Station, a steampunk bar in Brooklyn. The bathroom is a TARDIS. The bartenders wear goggles. It's a 20-something geek paradise. And on Saturday night, one Walking Dead fan fell hard for a vet tech Whovian. Here's what he posted on Missed Connections:

SWOON! We're all for geek love, and we really hope our fair Whovian has the good sense to check Missed Connections. (It's how my best friend and his girlfriend got together—for real!) Barring that, Esther better STEP UP HER GAME and hook this couple UP.

What's your ultimate fantasy Missed Connection?

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