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10 Reasons We Love David Tennant

10 Reasons We Love David Tennant

It's David Tennant's birthday today! Oh, what a glorious day! In Time Lord years, which are by far the most time travel-y and emotional roller coaster-y of all the types of years one can live, he may or may not be about 1,000… but wibbly wobbly timey wimy is a lil' devil as we're all aware. SO WHO REALLY KNOWS?! And honestly, with that boyish smile? David Tennant the man doesn't look a day over 30 (Surprise! He's 42 today).

Since his being born and subsequently becoming everyone's favorite Doctor (a matter of opinion, I know, but whatever) was a beautiful gift to all Whovians, we felt impelled to celebrate with a top-10 list of reasons we love the man, the myth, the Time Lord—David Tennant, ya'll.

(Be advised: there are some things that could be considered SPOILERS in here, so don’t read on if you’re not into the Matt Smith years of Doctor Who, k?)

1) That hair.
Just please someone save me from dudes with crazy brown hair. No, don't save me. I'm fine over here. Staring. Loving.
Honestly, if you can get to 42 and have a head of hair like David Tennant’s? You’ve won life.

2) His awesome chemistry with Catherine Tate.
Of course everyone swoons a lil’ for the Rose and Doctor days, but when Donna Noble comes to town? Haters to the left! She’s sassy and fiery and a ginger and calls the Doctor on his shiz. Some of the funniest parts of the Tennant years are watching him and Catherine Tate respond to people who assume they’re dating or married. Priceless. Classic!

3) Chucks are cool.
We know, we know. It's "Bow ties are cool." They are! And while we salute Matt Smith for making his Doctor a bit of a dandy, only David Tennant can rock Chucks and a suit like a total boss.

4) He keeps it in the family.
Georgia Moffett might have played his cloned daughter Jenny that one time, but in reality, they’re married! And… wait for it… it gets better. Who’s Georgia Moffett’s dad? More like “Doctor Who’s Georgia Moffett’s dad.” HEYO! That’s right. Her dad (Peter Davison) was the fifth doctor! And not only has David Tennant adopted her son Ty, but they also have a daughter together named Olive AND they’re having another baby. Maybe they have a future Doctor or three on their gorgeous couple hands? We’re voting for baby Olive because we’d like to see a lady take office in the TARDIS at some point, thanks.

5) “Tennant” comes from Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant.
He was born David McDonald, but apparently took “Tennant” because someone else was already registered in the Actor’s Equity Union under his real name. If you don’t know Pet Shop Boys, listen to West End Girls like now.

6) He played Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Our favorite doctor in our favorite movie adaptation of our favorite book in our favorite series about a 10-year-old boy wizard?! It’s almost too much to handle. It's kind of badass that he's straddling not one, but two, things people are completely hyper about.

7) Allons-y!
Where did this even come from? Well, many a Google search points to it being French for “let’s go.” And if you’ve ever yelled it boisterously, you know it takes a Tennant to really sell it.

8) He’s a meme.
Have you heard about TennantFace? It’s a Tumblr. And it’s awesome. I mean, why wouldn’t we want to Photoshop David Tennant’s face onto basically everything? In the words of the man himself, “That’s just creepy” but we’d like to believe that by saying “creepy” he really means “baller.” He’s Bambi. He’s Stephen Colbert. He’s all of us.

9) The way he says, “I don’t want to go!” in his last episode…
…like he really, really means it and it tears your guts out because let’s face it, we didn’t want him to go either? That.

10) He will always be the Doctor that converted the masses.
For so many of us, Tennant is the Doctor that made us fall in love with the Who redux. Nothing was wrong with Christopher Eccleston, per se, but it was kinda hard to emotionally connect with him as he battled farting Slitheens. Also, “Fantastic!” just wasn’t the most epic rallying cry. And he only had one season. Tennant gave us a great arc and a Doctor who had so much going on behind the eyes, he was barely restraining himself. It was manic, it was effusive, and it was almost a teeny tiny bit dangerous in the most delicious way. He compelled us to keep watching. And aren't we glad we did?

How will you celebrate Tennant's birthday?

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