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Steampunk Goes Geeky!

The artist's notes on this pic were so interesting we had to include them:

"This clown is equipped with a shocking hand buzzer fuelled by a massive array of small motors strapped to his arm, as well as a larger coil-motor on the buzzer itself. This buzzer is also wired into his breastplate, to shock anyone who might get close enough to grab him.

 His acid squiring flower is fueled with a noxious concoction of his own design, and features a nifty clockwork mechanism that causes the bladed petals to spin—pretty useless in battle, but groovy nonetheless. 

He also sports a spring-loaded card dispensing vambrace on his left arm, just for kicks."

This picture courtesy of © Paul Reck 2013

For print versions of this awesome graphic and commissions for original work inquire at Paul's Deviant Art page.

Tags: star trek, art, comic con, life, steampunk, the avengers, iron man, cosplay

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