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The Top 10 Coolest Astronauts Ever

Chris Hadfield

Everybody loves Chris Hadfield, and not just because he has a gorgeous Selleck-level moustache. He was the first Canadian to walk in space, and he is currently the commander of the ISS. Truly an international gentle soul, Hadfield has become an instrumental part of the Canadian Space Agency, NASA, as well as a leader in Russia, where he was the director of operations for the Star City complex. But what separates Hadfield from the pack even further is his Internet savvy, which led to Forbes calling him the "the most social-media-savvy astronaut ever to leave the Earth." His Reddit AMAs attract huge attention, and he's earned almost 700,000 Twitter followers, eager to read his exciting updates. Perhaps his most entertaining adventure has been to pen a full-length album while commanding the ISS check out his debut song "Jewel in the Night," the first song ever recorded in space!

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