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The Top 10 Coolest Astronauts Ever

Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison became the first African American woman in space in 1992, as part of the Space Shuttle Endeavor flight crew. You'd think that would be enough to rest her hat on, but this epic hero does everything. In addition to being an astronaut, she's an accomplished dancer, a medical professional, and has earned 9 honorary degrees. Oh, also, LeVar Burton personally invited her to star in an episode of Star Trek after hearing that Jemison was a huge fan indeed, Jemison's inspiration for joining NASA was Nichelle Nichols' performance as Lieutenant Uhura. She starred in the episode "Second Chances" as Lieutenant Palmer, and she nailed it because she is literally amazing at everything. No seriously: check out her Wikipedia page sometime if you want to know what being a superhuman is all about.

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