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10 Amazing Explorers You've Never Heard Of

Kira Salak

Often described as a "real life Lara Croft," Salak is one of the toughest adventurers living today. She's the only voyager on this list who specializes in hostile areas such as active war zones, disease-plagued cities, and politically unstable regions. Her iron will has helped her survive and interrogate areas like Rwanda, Iran, Libya, Burma, Borneo, and Uganda. She even convinced a bunch of gun-runners to fly her over the Congolese war zone, where she witnessed "an endless parade of barbarism." Basically, if you want to know what's going on in an unstable country, just parachute Salak in and she'll not only survive, she'll return unscathed and ready to tell her readers all about it. It's no surprise that she's won several awards for her work, though some critics aren't sure whether she's gutsy or just pure crazy!

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