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5 Dystopian Societies that Could Happen in 10 Years

5 Dystopian Societies that Could Happen in 10 Years

Let’s face it, the world can seem like a pretty bleak place these days. It seems like every other morning you turn on the news and discover that something horrible, awful, or horribly awful has happened. It sometimes makes you wonder, are we heading for a real life dystopia in the near future? To answer this question, we here at The MindHut have taken a look at the dystopian societies in books and pop culture and picked five that we feel could happen in the next ten years.

1) 1984 Honestly, ten years is being generous. Big Brother is pretty much here. In major cities like London and New York, there are cameras on every street corner. Also there are satellite cameras in space that cover the globe. And don’t forget about all the social media you use on a daily basis. With all that personal info on the internet, you really don’t think the government could sneak a peek-a-loo if they wanted to? Wake up!

Oh, and also, in case all that wasn’t enough to convince you that 1984 is a strong possibility, how about the newest creepy craze: military drones! The mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, has already said that drones could be hovering over The Big Apple in the next few years. So just remember, break all the rules you can now, because Big Brother's on his way!

2) Brave New World In a Brave New World, everyone takes drugs to make themselves feel happy. We might have an opinion on this, but we can’t recall because we’re too busy feeling great thanks to our Prozac and Xanax and Adderall. Man, if the drugs keep improving for the next ten years, then we warmly embrace this Brave New World. It feels so good!

3) Soylent Green In a future plagued by overpopulation, food is a constant worry. Luckily, there is a plethora of something called Soylent Green that keeps the public’s stomachs full. But what is Soylent Green? Well the movie is 30 years old, but just in case, let’s insert a SPOILER! Tag.

OK, good. Now, where were we?

Oh right, Soylent Green is made of people! The world has unwittingly become a bunch of cannibals! How could that happen in ten years? Well, it’s kinda happening now, except instead of dead people being the cure-all for the public's hunger, it’s corn. Corn is being stuff into almost everything, even though it’s hardly the best thing for our diet. Could the switch ever be made from corn to people? With the world’s population always increasing, it’s certainly not out of the question. So enjoy the unnecessary corn digestion while you can...

4) Clockwork Orange In Anthony Buress’s novel, violent criminals are forced to undergo a procedure so that they are mentally and emotionally incapable of harming another person. While this may seem more like a utopia, remember that once people lose their ability to make a choice, they lose the very thing that makes them human. And that’s pretty much the definition of dystopia. Would we really let such a thing happen in the real world? Well we don’t have the technology, yet, but when you consider that our prison system is a complete and colossal failure when it comes to rehabilitating people, we say yes, it’s a possibility. It’s been proven time and time again that the majority of people who go into prisons come out as even more hardened criminals. How long before people say “Enough is enough! Let’s just try tinkering with their brain so they can’t commit crimes any more!”

5) Running Man Stephen King’s short story "The Running Man," later turned into a brilliant action movie starring Schwarzenegger, takes place in a dystopian society where the world economy has all but collapsed and the only entertainment the public gets now is a game show where prisoners are hunted down and killed. Could this happen in ten years? Well, there are already reality TV shows about the following subjects: adultry, gossip, drinking, fighting, and dating Flava Flav... so could a reality show about murder really be that far away?

Did we miss any?

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