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5 Normal Things That Are Cooler In Space

5 Normal Things That Are Cooler In Space

Normal things are cooler in space. This is a fact proven by the popularity of Tang with astronauts despite it tasting like goldfish swimming water on Earth. Space even makes monkeys seem cooler! And can you begin to fathom how awesome a werewolf astronaut would be!? But it’s not just these extreme circumstances. Literally EVERYTHING is cooler in space. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that mediocrity is made amazing by zero gravity and maybe the possibility of smelling a rogue alien fart. For further examples, check out the following five videos.

1. Baseball

Space exploration requires years of studying advanced sciences. So, to be fair, this guy probably already had a lot of experience playing on his own as a kid.

2. Ping Pong Balls

This is the science club kids’ way of showing frat boys that nerds can have fun with ping pong balls, too. To be fair, this video technically isn’t in outer space, but they did recreate zero gravity and also provided a 3D model of a strange solar system where 2000 planets are made of cheese balls just like the moon.

3. Washcloths

Just to prove how universal (PUN INTENDED) the “things are cooler in space” theory is, we found this video of one of the most boring things possible—a damp rag. Because it’s in space, however, it is thrilling! Go ahead, try to pretend it doesn’t fascinate you!

4. Crying

This next video comes from the same Burt Reynolds lookalike astronaut that made the last one. The man’s real name is Chris Hadfield. He and his mustache are crewmembers on the International Space Station and while in orbit, they perform experiments and answer questions for people on Earth. This particular day, Chris and little Burty (the moustache) were asked the saddest question possible: Can you cry in space? Surprisingly, the answer was poetically romantic. And it proved that even CRYING is cool in space!

5. Burritos

Despite popular belief, astronauts don’t only eat mystery mush and food goo tubes. They can have fun fiesta feasts, too! For proof, check out this guy eating a burrito! It should be mentioned, however, that the one thing that isn’t cool in space is diarrhea.

What totally normal thing do you want to see in space?

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