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Why We're Going to Watch the New SyFy Show, Defiance

Why We're Going to Watch the New SyFy Show, Defiance


The new SyFy show Defiance—which starts next Monday, April 29—looked promising for a couple reasons:

1. The same guys who made Battlestar Galactica and Caprica developed this show.

2. It runs concurrent and is marketed with a video game of the same name set in the same universe. That's fairly original.

3. There are blue lasers. Not sure why I like blue lasers so much. They're not even lasers, they're like, something else.

Defiance is set in 2046. Aliens and more aliens have come and invaded, fought with the humans, fought with each other, and now there's a lot of wasteland. In the middle of this wasteland is Defiance, a town built on the sunken ruins of St. Louis, MO, where aliens and humans live together in something like peace.

This town has a mayor (Julie Benz), a mafia, and a sheriff who dies in the pilot. Replacing him is newcomer Nolan (Grant Bowler), an ex-soldier with an "Irathient" (alien) daughter (Stephanie Leonidas). They discover that someone really wants them to leave Defiance—bad enough to blow up their shields and invite a cavalcade of war-loving aliens to drive them out.

It seems like the show's feel could be described as Halo meets Firefly. Here are a few more reasons we're going to watch:

4. You know how in most sci-fi, all aliens from one race look the same? They also all speak the same language. Not so in Defiance! Aliens from the Votan planet are many different races with radically different cultures and ways of life. It's tops blueby.

5. Datak Tarr (Tony Curran) and his wife Stahma (Jaime Murray) play two Castithans who are trying to control the town. It's hard to tell at this point a) which one's more devious and b) if they're supposed to be villains. Blurring the lines? Props, creators of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica.

Are you going to watch?

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