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The 10 Rarest Books in the World

The United States Declaration of Independence

You can read the Declaration of Independence in full anytime you want by Googling it. In fact, any Masterminds headed off to college next semester might find the format useful for conversations with worried parents. But to get a copy of the first printing of the Declaration, called the "Dunlop broadside" is a trickier matter. About 200 copies were printed on July 4th, 1776 as luminaries such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin impatiently looked on. Only 26 copies survive to this day. Incredibly, one was discovered behind a painting that had been bought at a flea market for only four bucks! A Dunlop broadside's market value is about $9 million talk about a lucky purchase. May we all invest in something that yields a 2,250,000% return one day!

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