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8 Big Scientific Errors in The Avengers

Inertia Exists

The Movie: In the final battle, the Cap uses his super-strength to chuck Black Widow up to an alien ship, which she grabs on to effortlessly.

Real Life: If you are really tired of having arms, then you should grab on to a passing spaceship like Black Widow did. That'll take those pesky limbs off in no time. Natasha Romanoff can fight a lot of things, but the laws of inertia are not among them. The same rule applies for the Hulk punching out one of the alien Leviathans. We get it it looks awesome! But even the Hulk does not have enough mass to stop an object moving at that velocity with a single punch. We'll forgive it, of course, because if Hulk can't punch down the occasional space whale then what is the point of movies?

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