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Ways You Probably Shouldn't Ask Her to Prom

Ways You Probably Shouldn't Ask Her to Prom

The big dance is coming up, and some of you may not yet have a date. Perhaps you’ve got the perfect girl picked out and you’re just trying to think of a romantic way to ask her? After all, prom is the pinnacle of your high school grooving so you’d better make it memorable! The good news is that the internet is full of cute and creative prom proposal ideas. These are not some of them.

Hide under her bed. In the middle of the night, slip out and softly whisper your prom proposal into her ear. You will wake her with romance!

Eye contact is important. Therefor, when speaking to your dream girl, NEVER blink. In fact, tape them open.

Construct a prom proposal letter by cutting and pasting together different words from different magazines. This shows that you’re not only a crafty guy, but that you also provide all the excitement of a bank robbery or a hostage situation!

Giving a girl a stuffed animal is cute. Stuffing an animal and giving it to a girl is unconventional. Stuffing a girl and giving her to an animal is generally frowned upon.

Show some assertiveness. Don’t ask her to prom. TELL her that you’re taking her to prom.

Handcuff yourself to her and throw away the key because you’re meant to be together FOREVER.

Write a letter and sign it in blood.

Find a picture of her with an ex-boyfriend, maybe from an earlier dance. Now paste a photo of yourself over his face and leave it taped to the inside of her locker. Doesn’t that look better!? For added certainty, also paste some six-pack abs onto yourself.

Writing a message in candles outside her window is romantic. Skipping the candles and just using gasoline is arson.

Nothing says, “I’m serious” like tattooing your prom proposal onto your forehead!

Women say that a sense of humor is the most attractive quality. Therefore, right before asking her to prom, be sure to pants her in front of a crowd and make a lot of farting noises with your mouth and armpits.

How are YOU going to ask her to prom?

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