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The Top 5 Romantic Sci-Fi Movies

The Top 5 Romantic Sci-Fi Movies

If you think about it, the sci-fi and romance genres both have the same goal in mind: they want to make you believe in the impossible. With science fiction, it’s the idea that we can do fantastic things like travel to far off galaxies in less than a year. With romance it’s an even more implausible idea: the girl/guy of your dreams will not only acknowledge your existence, but fall madly, hopelessly, and deeply in love with you. This is why the two genres work so well together! So, with that in mind, here are our top 5 romances in Sci-Fi movies.

5) Looper

Time travel and love are almost never a good match (remember poor Marty McFly and his young mother who had the hots for him?), but in the case of Looper it works out pretty well. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis character is on a path of self-destruction until he meets the woman that finally gives the world some purpose for him. But not long after that, the time traveling mafia comes to collect their due (Bruce’s head). In the process, his wife is gunned down. Will Bruce Willis risk his youth by going back in time to try and save his wife? You darn right he will, because that’s what you do when you’re in love.

4) Brazil

Sam Lowry is a simple man living in a totalitarian government. But even though everything is awful in Sam’s life, he doesn’t decide to do anything about it until he meets the woman of his dreams. Literally. He dreams of the same girl every night, and then one day he actually meets her in real life. The problem is, the girl is a suspected terrorist who the government wants dead. But Sam wants her very much alive, so that he can feel alive for the first time in his whole life. So he risks everything to make that happen, because that’s the power of love (Sorry, that’s the last Back to the Future reference, we promise…maybe).

3) The Terminator

We return once again to the sticky issue of time travel, but for good reason. The love between Kyle Reese and Sarah Conner is a love that should have never happened. Sarah was a twentieth century waitress who struggles to pay rent while going clubbing on the weekend; Kyle was a twenty-first century robot killing revolutionist who only knows of a life of hardship and of machines with Austrian accents, but because of love (and time-travel) they are able to meet each other and create a baby that will one day save the planet. That’s beautiful stuff right there.

2) Hellboy

It can’t be easy to find love when you look like the devil on steroids. But Hellboy did with fiery character Liz Sherman, and then systematically ruined it with his brutish behavior because he is, well, Hellboy. But he knows he made a mistake, and he will stop at nothing to win her back, even if that means getting swallowed by a giant monster and blowing him up from the inside. Let’s see that turd from The Notebook do that.

1) Empire Strikes Back

Not only does this have the most romantic pair of lines ever uttered in the history of celluloid (“I love you,” “I know”) but it also has a very sweet, honest moment in the beginning, one that is often overlooked by even the biggest Star Wars fans. It’s the moment when Princess Leia and Han Solo are bickering Leia refers to Han as a scoundrel. Han’s eyes light up after hearing this, like he could tell by the way she said it that she has feelings for him. And that’s when he makes his move. Would the Stars Wars Trilogy still be good without the love between these two characters? Probably. But we sure are glad that the scoundrel made his move when he did, what’s the fun of a sci-fi escapade without a little romance?

What's your fave sci-fi romance?

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