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Five Optical Illusion Videos That Will Blow Your Mind!

Five Optical Illusion Videos That Will Blow Your Mind!

What is the Internet for, if not the glorification of kittens, the atrocity of Yahoo comment sections, and the shameless act of spying on your exes? The mass distribution of mind boggling optical illusions, that’s what! So we’ve delved into the depths of the great Youtube in search of the most amazing optical illusions for your viewing pleasure. Be baffled, be stumped, be woefully unimpressed because you’re just too flippin’ cool. We don’t care, so long as you appreciate that we gathered these for you with our own bare hands. We are your faithful MindHut writers and we just live to serve.

Anamorphic Illusions

Who knew a Rubik’s cube, a roll of tape, and an old shoe could make you question the laws of the universe? Oh, and there is also a cat in this video. This is YouTube, after all.

Animated Illusions

It’s just so magical! And it’s also a little bit creepy, especially with that twirling head. Our favorite is the little nod to Pac-man at the end.

Impossible Motion

You thought you knew how gravity worked. Now, down is up and up is down, and Chutes and Ladders will never be the same.

Magic World Garden

For those days you feel like walking your dog all over the ENTIRE WORLD in fifteen minutes.

Candle Illusion

If you ever feel like being extra romantic for your special someone in the nerdiest way possible, take a tip from this guy.

What's your favorite optical illusion?

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