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8 Prototype Couples You'll See at Prom

8 Prototype Couples You'll See at Prom

Prom is coming up and while the dance is fun, it’s the pre-dance “prom walk” that is most fascinating. For those who are not familiar with this age-old tradition, it is an awkward parade of hormones and acne uncomfortably stuffed into sweaty rental tuxes and marched past a town full of family and friends. These bundles of teenage angst are accompanied by equally awkward partners whom are about to experience “the most important night of their high school career!” SATs and graduation can’t even compare. There are many strange couple combinations you’ll see on this prom walk from the casual date to the committed relationship. To help identify exactly what you’re looking at, the following is a list of eight most typical couples you’ll see at prom.

Unrequited Love
She thinks they went together as friends. He knows it is meant to be more. Her favorite part of the night is dancing with a group of girls. His favorite part is catching a smell of her hair during the slow dance. She will be thrilled when a cute guy asks if he can “cut in” for the final dance. He will be homicidal. On the bright side, however, the whole experience will make those outdated Shakespearian plays seem much more relatable in English class on Monday!

Just Friends
Why add the extra pressure of a romantic relationship? These two are just there to have some funky fresh fun and dance the night away.

“Just Friends”
This is pretty much the same as the previous couple except, secretly, they are both madly in love with each other.

Fun Fact: every just friends couple is actually either a “just friends” couple or an unrequited love couple.

The Couple That Stuck Together Just For Prom
This relationship tanked 4 months ago, but the deposit on that limo rental is totally non-refundable. Besides, do you realize how difficult it would be to find another cummerbund to match this dress pattern on such short notice? We can just Photoshop smiles in later…

The Family Member
This is always a weird one. We understand and appreciate “family first,” but cousin couples are just plain creepy. And nobody wants to see your grandmother do the Charleston when Akon comes on. So please, just keep your parents at home.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
These guys are ALWAYS crashing proms! You may not realize it because they’re such great actors, but when you’re at the big dance and you notice a couple that you’ve NEVER seen around school before… THAT’S BEN AFFLECK AND MATT DAMON!

Shoe-in King and Queen
In between their Sports Illustrated photo shoot and Nobel Prize acceptance speeches, these two natural-born winners will grace prom walk with a red-carpet quality elegance and grace. Really, you want to hate them for not having to undergo the same awkwardness as everyone else but DAMN IT how can you hate someone whose hair is that perfect!?

The Public Entertainment Couple
The whole school is excited to see what happens with this couple at prom. Their constant drama has been made widely available through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There have been so many twists and turns throughout this tumultuous semester that there really is no way of knowing if tonight will mark a marriage proposal or a steel cage street fight.

Which couple are you?

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