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Top 5 Geekiest Promposals

Top 5 Geekiest Promposals

It’s prom season and allergy season all at the same time! And if you can clear your sinuses for a moment, you’ll smell that love is in the air! But it isn’t just any love. It’s a thick, pungent, cheese-fueled geek love! See what we’re talking about below with the TOP 5 GEEKIEST PROMPOSALS!


Can you imagine dressing up like a Pokemon character, reciting some Pokemon poetry, and actually getting a date out of it!? That would take some Pokeballs of steel! Yet, it’s exactly what happened for the kid in our first video. And the girl who was cool enough to go along with it is definitely a catch.

AV Club Prom

There are certain perks to being in the AV club. You get class credit for making stupid YouTube videos. You can watch cartoons and call it “research.” And, apparently, you can arrange for the whole school to watch the epic intro to your promposal.

Same Old PokeProm and Dance

With the big dance coming up, it’s no surprise that fantasy-loving drama nerds have some of the most creative and theatrical ways of asking their boos to prom. If you question the overall nerdiness of this Gleek and his smooth moves, just wait until the end when he solidifies dork status with a fun Pokemon reference.

Acapella prom

That last video was pretty good, but there’s a whole new pressure added when you’ve got to preform live. This brave promposal had no chance for a second take. What he did have, however, was an entire glee club to back him up.

Geek Dance

There was no disco doctor present for this video (mainly because there is no such thing) but if there were, even he wouldn’t know if this kid was dancing or having a stroke. Either way, prom is, above everything else, a dance. So the fairest way to ask a girl is by putting it all on the table and giving her a preview of your moves.

Proposal, proposal

Prom is like the bookend of a high school career. So it’s nice to see these lovable geeks going out on a high note. But what happens next in life? Sadly, the real world isn’t always an environment where you’re surrounded by books and equations. But, if these geeks are lucky enough to hold on to their teenage romance, they can one day end up like this couple and their geekiest wedding proposal on Youtube.

What's the geekiest promposal you've ever seen?

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