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QUIZ: Which Star Wars Villain Are You?

QUIZ: Which Star Wars Villain Are You?

The Star Wars universe is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, where those that seek to sow suffering and discord outnumber those that valiantly stand against them. We like to think that we walk the righteous path, but it turns out we’re quite susceptible to the enticing influences of the dark side. Are you an intergalactic crime lord or a haughty Imperial Moff? Unleash your inner malcontent by taking our delightfully sinister personality quiz!

1) A space pirate fleet is inbound. Course of action?

a) Raid their ships and take any and all valuables. (1 point)

b) Dispatch TIE fighters to tear the fleet apart. (2 point)

c) Board the flagship and eliminate the captain. (3 points)

d) Interrogate the captain for the location of the pirates’ hidden base. (4 points)

e) Show them the might of a Super Star Destroyer! (5 points)

2) How do you remedy civil unrest on an impoverished world?

a) A visit from the 501st legion should bring them to their senses. (4 points)

b) This planet no longer serves a purpose in the Empire. Ready the Death Star. (5 points)

c) The Imperial governor on this world needs to be discharged... permanently. (2 points)

d) There is a steep bounty on the heads of the movement’s leaders... (3 points)

e) With money, I can bend them to my whim. (1 points)

3) How do you deal with a Rebel spy in your ranks?

a) Levitate the Rebel worm off the floor and unleash bolts of Sith lightning. (5 points)

b) Freeze him in carbonite and deliver him to the nearest Imperial outpost. (3 points)

c) Get info out of him by catering to his appetites. Then the rancor! (1 point)

d) Subject the spy through a series of tortures until he decides to talk. (4 points)

e) Force him to speak by going after members of his family. (2 points)

4) How do you respond to a Rebel strike force attacking your base?

a) Take command from the cockpit of an AT-AT walker. (2 points)

b) Put your black market weaponry to use. (1 point)

c) Give the Rebel insurgents a taste of your flamethrower. (3 points)

d) Lead the charge and dismember them with your lightsaber. (4 points)

e) You're a major target; escape to Coruscant. (5 points)

5) What was going through your mind when Alderaan was destroyed?

a) “Noooo! There were people that owed me a BUNCH of money!” (1 point)

b) “The galaxy’s unwavering disobedience was adequate cause for my actions.” (5 points)

c) “We’ve either shaken a rebellion to its core, or created a planet of martyrs.” (2 points)

d) “I’ve already killed a bunch of younglings, it’s not like I can sink any lower.” (4 points)

e) “C’mon, man! There was a guy I needed to bring in alive on Alderaan!” (3 points)

Add up your points and divide by five (be sure to round down). Now see which Star Wars villain you’re most like!

1) Jabba the Hutt

You’re the apex crime lord in the Star Wars universe! Your name alone strikes fear in the hearts of lesser gangsters and those that owe you a considerable financial debt. Plus, you barely lifted a finger to get where you are since your lackeys did everything for you. Enjoy the high life!

2) Grand Moff Tarkin

Of all the Moffs in the service of the Emperor, you’re one of the finest. In fact, Palpatine himself holds you in reverent esteem. You’re brilliant, calculating, and, most importantly, unfeeling in situations where emotions can spell utter defeat. These traits are highly respected within the Empire.

3) Boba Fett

There are plenty of bounty hunters combing the galaxy for their quarry, but your reputation alone makes you stand out as a legend in the field. You speak very little, and no one is even sure what lies underneath the helmet, yet petty scum run and hide, praying that they never find themselves at the receiving end of your rifle.

4) Darth Vader

The somber right hand of the Emperor, your brutality is tempered by years of sorrow and frustration. The galaxy took plenty from you and now it's time that others suffer in kind. Deep down is the compassionate soul you once were, but that is imprisoned by your own darkness.

5) Emperor Palpatine

You brought down the Jedi Order in one fell swoop and played two warring sides in a bitter conflict of your own orchestration. There’s no arguing as to why you’re the supreme ruler of an entire galaxy, despite an ungrateful few that would argue otherwise. No matter, you command an army of millions that can easily quash any uprising.

Which villain are you?

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