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You guys! You guys! You guys! YOU GUYS! The Ender's Game trailer just dropped. Like, five seconds ago! Okay, I'll just shut up and we can all watch it fifteen jillion times:

Some thoughts:

- We are loving Harrison Ford's voice now. It says "I'm old, but I'll still kick yer butt kid."
- Whoa. The aliens are SO FAST. This summer is officially the summer of SUPER FAST bad guys (see World War Z trailer).
- "Get off my space plane!"
- You think Harrison Ford is ever like "Hey, what if I smiled in this movie?"
- That ship is EXACTLY what we pictured when we read the book!
- BATTLEROOM! What the what! Is it possible that it's even more amazing that what we pictured when we read the book!?
- So, we're clearly getting more story in the movie than we get in just the first Ender book. Hey... we aren't complaining!
- After his brilliant turn as The Mandarin, we are beyond psyched to get Ben Kingsley all up in some Mazer Rackham-ness!
- Asa Butterfield has that perfect balance of innocent and sociopathic... Is he going to cry, or break your neck? Or both?
- Totes forgot about Abigail Breslin as Valentine! This is like the world series of INSANELY TALENTED CHILD ACTORS.

Ender's Game madness has officially begun! If you want to peruse more EG propaganda, check out this website that has all kinds of scary, post-invasion rhetoric.

Okay. I need to sit down now. I'm out of breath.

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