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Mindhut Summer TV Preview!

Mindhut Summer TV Preview!

Back in the days of yore, Masterminds, summer TV stunk worse than a mega-horde of Dothraki after a 20 mile hike. Fortunately, times have changed, and there’s now plenty to gawk at during summer vacation—much of which is totally geek-centric. We break it all down for you in our Mindhut Summer TV Preview:

Most Anticipated TV Return: Arrested Development (series revives May 26 only on Netflix)

The Bluths ain’t nothin’ but the truth, and we’ve waited long enough to hear it! In the 15 episodes ordered, each major character is said to be getting an episode to him/herself, and we have so many questions! Will George Michael and Maeby finally explore coupledom (outside that time they were technically married)? What will Buster literally get his hook into next? Is Toby still a Never-Nude? We want answers!

Best Potential Villian: John Malkovich as Blackbeard in NBC’s Crossbones (premiere date TBD)

When John Malkovich was recently cast as Blackbeard, this 10-episode series went from sounding kinda cool to seeming potentially epic in an instant. Malkovich has played some of cinema’s most twisted baddies, and this series, about an undercover assassin sent to take Blackbeard down, promises to be way complex and intriguing, especially when considering love may be Blackbeard’s only weakness. Look for this one later in the summer.

Potential Enjoyable Cheesefest: Camp, July 10, NBC

Summer camp by a big ol’ lake with new and familiar faces can make for some entertaining hijinx and decent coming of age tales. It can also make for ridiculous, predictable tripe. We’re on the fence about Camp, so we’re gonna check out the first 3-4 episodes and drop it like a bad idea if it rots. The cast features relative unknowns save Rachel Griffiths and Tom Green, so there could be some potential breakout talent, and, due largely to lack of material, this show does seem like one of the better teen-targeted shows coming out this summer...

Best Concept: Under the Dome, June 24, CBS

Stephen King’s work has generally made good TV, and this looks like it could be the best adaptation yet. Set in a typically King-esque small-n-spooky New England town, and featuring a killer cast (including Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris and Life Unexpected’s Britt Robertson) it also has a fantastic premise: a mysterious, invisible shield has encased an entire town, baffling its denizens and creating havoc—no one enters, and no one leaves. King himself executive produces, so it should be one of summer’s best shows.

Most Under the Radar: The Fall, May 13, BBC Two, Available on Netflix May 28

This upcoming series, starring former X File-r Gillian Anderson and Once Upon a Time’s hunky Sheriff Graham, Jamie Dornan, kicks off the summer TV season, but hardly anyone has heard of it. And it looks potentially fab. Set in Ireland, this spooky drama pits Scully against a serial killer hiding in plain sight. The trailer is vague yet intriguing, but the real draw, other than Anderson, is the network. Everything BBC touches is bloody gold.

Biggest Game of Thrones Knockoff: The White Queen, August, Starz,

Everything about this show screams GoT. While this is annoyingly unoriginal, it still has coolness potential. Why? Cuz The White Queen is being called “a feminine slant on The War of the Roses,” is based on a popular series of Philippa Gregory books, and is said to feature several badass female characters. Queen also has the ever-scary and reliably good James Frain (Grimm, The Cape) and people involved say it’s “less edgy” than the Spartacus franchise. We’re gonna tune in and see what life in Westeros... er, England, is like.

Best Double Feature: Primeval: New World/Sinbad ) Syfy, June 8,

Both shows have aired and been cancelled in the respective countries that aired them. Syfy cares not, and has decided to air them both in one night! We approve! Primeval stars Eureka’s Zane, (Naill Matter) and follows a group of scientists and animal experts who investigate paranormal activity while battling beasts from the past AND the future. OOF! Sinbad promises to be fantastic swashbuckling ridiculousness, featuring a quest, a band of merry travelers and, a bonus: it features Naveen Andrews (LOST’s resident badass, Sayid) as the titular hero’s enemy, Lord Akbari. It’s the perfect 1-2 punch to start off the summer TV season!

Air Dates For Some of Your Returning Faves:

Continuum season 2, SYFY, June 7

Being Human, season 5, June 8

Falling Skies, season 3, TNT June 9

True Blood, season 6, June 16

Copper, season 2, BBCA June 23

Which new summer TV show are you most excited about?

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