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9 Scientific Inaccuracies in Iron Man 3

The Suit

The Movie: Iron Man has an awesome suit that does pretty much anything a human could ever want.

Real Life: This one is not a criticism, but an assessment of how far along we are in building a mech suit like Iron Man's. The Department of Defense has been trying to build a powered exoskeleton, a "super-soldier," for years, and have developed many prototypes through private contractors. Spacesuits prove it's possible protect humans from extreme pressures while jet-packs give us some idea of what it would be like to be your own rocket, The repulsor beams and the Arc reactor are, however, improbable unsurprisingly, humans have not found a way to implant nukes in our chests (nor should we). But with science, anything can happen. We just hope that if a real Iron Man suit does come to fruition, Robert Downey Jr. will get the first joy ride.

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