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9 Scientific Inaccuracies in Iron Man 3

The Demise of the Stark Pad

The Movie: The Stark homestead is attacked by a bunch of missiles fired by helicopters. They hit mere feet away from Tony, Pepper Potts, and Maya Hansen. All three survive.

Real Life: Iron Man of all people should know that shrapnel exists. Missiles are more deadly than bullets not just because of their size, but because you don't need a direct hit to get a kill. Projectiles themselves become shrapnel, not to mention all of the other pieces of glass and metal we see flying around in this scene. The characters would die about twelve times over. Also, Tony Stark appears to have no defense system for his house! Why? Why would you threaten a terrorist and not even install some basic security measures, such as, I don't know, radar?! It's only been around since WWII! Really dropped the ball on this one, Stark.

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