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9 Scientific Inaccuracies in Iron Man 3

More Projectile Fun

The Movie: At the very beginning of the movie, we see Stark tinkering in his workshop with a Mark 42 suit. The idea is to be able to remote access the parts, so he can have it sent to him anywhere (kind of like Luke Skywalker using the Force to retrieve his lightsaber). It's very imprecise, which is fun because we get to see Robert Downey Jr. get hit in the head with stuff. Later on, as he's being held captive in Miami, Tony summons his exoskeleton from rural Tennessee. It flies to him like a good little suit.

Real Life: So let me get this straight. The disparate parts of the Mark 42 travel at insanely high speeds across the Eastern Seaboard, which has some of the heaviest air traffic in the world. Yeah, there would definitely be some collateral damage from that. Planes get into trouble running into dumb old birds, let alone a bunch of lightning-quick projectiles that can't even navigate properly when Stark is actually in the same room. We're glad you got your suit back Tony, but you might want to take a hint from Killian and pin some of the crashes you inevitably caused on Mandarin. Also, PS. this image is not a real plane crash, but a controlled demolition conducted by NASA. That's what a day in the office is like for a rocket scientist.

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