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Are You the Biggest Geek EVAR? Then Enter For a Chance to Win $250!

Are You the Biggest Geek EVAR? Then Enter For a Chance to Win $250!

Do you have all six Star Wars movies memorized? Can you recite every actor who played the Doctor... in REVERSE ORDER? Have you memorized both Elvish AND Klingon? Then you might have the geeky chops it takes to win The MindHut sponsored Biggest Geek category in the SparkNotes Yearbook Awards!

Here's how to apply, Masterminds:

FIRST: Put together some photos or videos to showcase your crazy geekitude . Remember, photos and videos should be submitted in accordance with the Submission Guidelines.

SECOND: Visit our application page and tell us why YOU should win $250 for being the biggest geek of all time, and upload pics or a video of you (just paste a link from YouTube). Submissions end May 14!

THEN: Sit back and wait for your application to be reviewed. If you make it to the final round, your submission will be on SparkNotes starting on May 17.

From May 17 - June 7, users (that means you!) can vote on their favorite candidates for each of the nine categories. Winners will be announced later in June.

Are you nerd enough? WE THINK SO! So what are you waiting for?! Enter for a chance to win $250 NOW!

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