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The Gravity Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

The Gravity Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

Warner Brothers

Seriously. This thing is nightmare fuel. It will give you more anxiety then the APs, SATs, ACTs, and Driver's License tests combined. "But it's only ninety seconds long," you say, foolishly, "how scary could it really be?"

Well, why don't you find out yourself:

Our thoughts:
- If we had to be stuck in space, Sandy B and Georgie C would defs be on the top of our list.
- "Beautiful don't you think?" "What?" "Oh, I don't know... THE ENTIRE EARTH FLOATING UNDERNEATH YOU FROM 372 MILES UP."
- Something bad is going to happen. Our stomach doesn't feel good.
- 'What do I do?!" NOTHING. YOU'RE IN SPACE.
- We need to sit down. Oh... We're already sitting down. We need to lay down.
- What is the space station made out of, crepe paper?!
- Our palms are cold and sweaty and shaking.

WELP. We won't ever sleep ever again, ever.

Did this video scare you as much as it scared us?

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