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Top 10 Worst Science Fiction Predictions

Human Cloning

Human cloning is ubiquitous in science fiction, from the Star Wars franchise to that Michael Keaton vehicle Multiplicity (WARNING: deep cut reference). Our issue is not with the feasibility of human cloning we are very likely to be able to pull this off soon, so you better decide your position on it pronto. Our beef is with how science fiction so often depicts fully identical adult human copies. If you want to clone yourself, fine, but know that you are getting a baby, not a twin. Scientists make clones by implanting an embryonic copy of the original into a surrogate womb. The clone will be a genetic copy, but will live a very different life from the original, and thus result in a very different person. Much though you'd love to have a clone to send to your next final, such "cut and paste" technology does not exist for humans.

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