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The Ultimate Geek Workout

The Ultimate Geek Workout

Geeks are generally stereotyped as being puny. They’re not seen as the type of person that will spend hours a day sculpting their bodies in a gym. Maybe this is because geeks prefer physics over physiques. Maybe its because they’d rather add large numbers than lift them. Or maybe its because the idea of exerting strenuous amounts of energy for the sake of moving metal up and down just seems inefficient when you understand concepts like leverage, momentum, and friction. This isn’t to say, however, that geeks can’t find a workout that works for them.

Whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse or just trying to be a bit more like Batman, training your body is equally important as training your mind. So to help with your efforts, The MindHut has created a special Geek-Specific Workout Routine


Start with 10 minutes of stretching arms and core by reaching up to rearranging the collectable action figures on your top shelf. If the shelf is high enough that you must stand on tippy-toes, this will help your calves and glutes as well.

Immediately follow with 20 minutes of cardio by running to get the latest edition of X-Men on Free Comic Book Day. You can also dodge fellow customers for speed and agility.


Perform all exercises for one set of 12 followed by three sets of 10. This adds up to 42, which, of course, is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything.

Rapidly enter difficult equations into a calculator to strengthen forearms.

Draw back on your replica Legolas bowstring to build up delts.

Carry a heavy backpack up and down stairs for your shoulders, core, and back.

Swing a heavy broadsword (plus 10 to hit Orcs) to build arms and shoulders.

Jump out of your gaming chair in outrage when Skyrim gets frustrating to build legs and glutes.

Finally, finish by climbing to the top of a bookshelf to fetch the Star Wars Encyclopedia to settle an argument about The Kessel Run for a good full body workout.


For a cardio cool-down, awkwardly dance anytime a Daft Punk song comes on.

To tighten your abs, repeatedly sit up in bed at night because some great Doctor Who fan fiction came to you in a dream. Also, aggressively laugh at every reference on The Big Bang Theory.

Live long and perspire.

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