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12 Scientific Inaccuracies in Prometheus

How to Mess Up Science In General

The Movie: Millburn questions Shaw about her theory that the Engineers created humans, demanding she back it up with anything concrete. This is probably the only time he acts like a scientist in the whole movie. Instead of delivering proof, however, Shaw admits she has none and retorts, "it's what I choose to believe."

Real Life: Millions of scientists are working today, and they all have their own unique belief systems. Some are religious, some are politically active, some probably believe in unicorns. But every one of them must check their prejudices at the laboratory door. The idea that an entire interstellar mission would be launched because an archeologist "chose to believe" that human life was sparked by extraterrestrials is the biggest joke of the film. Would that hold up in a scientific paper? Can we write "I choose to believe" as an equation? Should we just add "citation needed" to your crazy theory? With Prometheus, Damon Lindelof has put forth very convincing empirical evidence that he wouldn't know science if it hit him in the face, and published a peer-reviewed study of the incident.

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