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12 Scientific Inaccuracies in Prometheus

How to Mess Up Geology

The Movie: A geologist named Fifield has some nifty mapping orbs that he releases into the temple after entering it. They send a 3D map back to the ship with every crew member's location. Despite this, Fifield and biologist Millburn get lost.

Real Life: Have you noticed that a theme is developing? These characters love to leap before they look, and that is simply not how scientists conduct studies. We have long understood that research can not be completed if the researcher is dead. Real investigations are carefully plotted out, and would never be as haphazard as the film's depiction. For example, the team deploys magic mapping orbs, yet they don't let them scout out the weird moon pyramid before they barge in? Also, how is it possible to get lost when an entire 3D map has been created on the ship? The only way these characters make sense as scientists is to assume they are 8-year-olds in adult bodies or... something.

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