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12 Nerdy Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

12 Nerdy Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

Tumblr has become the undisputed king of memes, GIFs, and cat-based internet hilarity. But with so many Tumblr blogs out there, it's hard to find one that caters to your specific nerdy interests—that's why we've compiled 12 of our absolute favorites for you to try for yourself!

1) Comics Scans

Comic books are subject to ads, just like TV. And sometimes these ads can sometimes be as entertaining as the comic itself, especially ones from vintage comic books! Comics Scans uploads and exhibits these colorful plugs of yesteryear, all of them ranging from the '70s to now.

2) Super Mario Broth

Think you know everything there is to know about the Mario Bros.? After paying Super Mario Broth a visit, with their collection of Mario-themed oddities—many of which have never been seen outside of Japan—you might just have to reconsider your expertise.

3) Eye on Springfield

The Simpsons is far from what it used to be in its heyday, and the creators of Eye on Springfield certainly share in this sentiment. Selecting only the greatest screen-caps, GIFs, and videos from seasons one through nine, Eye on Springfield will leave you pining for those days when Conan O'Brien was on the writing staff.

4) Fantastic Fake Pokémon

Drawing fake Pokémon. You've done it, we've done it, and we can only guess that half of the world's population has done it too. Except that Fantastic Fake Pokémon showcases those drawn so professionally that you'd swear they were done by Ken Sugimori himself, Pokémon's resident artist par excellence.

5) Badly Recreated Animated Film Frames

Ever wonder what would happen if multimillion dollar animation studios like Pixar and Dreamworks ended up with severe cuts to their budgets? Wonder no longer with Badly Recreated Animated Film Frames, a Tumblr dedicated to taking scenes from your favorite animated features and making them look as awful and frightening as possible.

6) Did You Know Gaming?

Never again will you be the guy or girl with nothing insightful to say at the party once you browse the obscure video game-oriented facts of Did You Know Gaming? You'll be the toast of the evening, assuming that those attending care at all about gaming. If not, you'll be the toast of the guacamole and chip table!

7) Brother Brain

Only the finest, professionally made video game GIFs can be found on Brother Brain, and they're all derived from classic games of the '80s and '90s. It couldn't possibly get any more old school than that!

8) DC Comics Confessions

If you're ever in need of an outlet to set a deep-seated DC Comics confession free in an environment free of ridicule, then this Tumblr is your comic book sanctuary. Now you can let the world know about your unrequited love for Poison Ivy, or how much you really, really liked Nightwing's original disco-inspired costume! Anonymously, of course.

9) Nothing is Linear

Its content has absolutely nothing to do with the name, but Nothing is Linear is the best—perhaps the only—Tumblr specializing in hilarious, out-of-context GIFs pulled straight from cartoons such as The Super Friends, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and Disney animated shorts. Believe us when we say you'll be reblogging all of them into infinity.

10) Kaijusaurus

For the nerd obsessed with actors stomping about miniature models of Tokyo in a rubber monster suit, Kaijusaurus is a treasure trove of movie posters, screenshots, and what have you honoring Godzilla, Gamera, and other towering cinematic terrors from the land of the rising sun! After hitting this Tumblr up, you might just feel inclined to host a giant monster movie marathon.

11) The Daily Doodles

The Daily Doodles is the brainchild of cartoonist David Michael Chandler, and every day he posts a new illustration accompanied by a short and a thoroughly entertaining story. Whether they're charming, creepy, or action-packed, it's impossible to walk away without finding your personal favorite. In fact, we bet you can't pick just one!

12) Comically Vintage

A collection of vintage and random panels from the Golden Age of Comics taken entirely out of their original context for laughs? Yes, yes, and yes.

Which Tumblr blog is your fave?

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