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New Hipster Oreo Commersh: Love or Hate?

New Hipster Oreo Commersh: Love or Hate?

As if the creamy smooth putty in the middle of each of these iconic sandwich cookies weren't sugary sweet enough, Oreo has just unveiled a brand new super cute, overly earnest, and arguably hipster animated commercial. Oh, you haven't seen it? Well, now you have:

So... that's a thing.

Some questions:
- When did cookies become emo?
- Why Dracula?
- And, also, why 1980s hip-hop inspired Big Bad Wolf?
- Could this guy's voice be more twee?
- How long until Death Cab For Cutie does a Hydrox commercial?

It's certainly memorable. But we're not sure if it makes us want to eat Oreos, or burn a pile of horn-rimmed glasses in effigy.

What do you think of the new Oreo commercial?

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