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Salute to Schrute: Dwight's Top 5 Geekiest Moments

Salute to Schrute: Dwight's Top 5 Geekiest Moments

Sadly, after nine seasons, The Office came to a close last night. We will miss laughing alongside this ragtag team of lovable losers, but the most disheartening loss will be that of our king geek: Dwight K. Schrute. As a fan of science fiction, martial arts, and unusually large glasses, Dwight proudly represented geek culture on NBC’s flagship sitcom for nearly a decade. And now, as a fitting sendoff, we offer up our salute to Schrute in the form of Dwight’s Top 5 Geekiest Moments.

A true geek isn’t just a fan of Tolkein… he is a believer. This is why when Dwight meets vertically challenged Troy, he draws the most obvious conclusion: Troy must be a hobbit.

Geeks must be prepared for battle. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or an evil ninja sneak attack, you never know when danger will lunge from the shadows. That’s why it’s a good thing Dwight is a self-proclaimed master of karate.

As our hero, Dwight discusses some of his own heroes. For an added bonus, also sharing some wisdom in these clips is Dunder Mifflin’s resident goofball, Michael Gary Scott.

Geeks must live by a code. Spiderman had the power/responsibility thing. Schrutes, however, get a bit more detailed. They have 40 rules! Here, Dwight shares number 16 as well as a fun and friendly reminder to learn the rest.

Finally, every good geek needs a nemesis. Life would just be boring without one. Dwight’s nemesis comes in the form of his ultimate frenemy, Jim Halpert. Equally as dorky, yet in totally different ways, Jim lives to prank Dwight. Here he is in one of his most committed bits ever.

What will you miss about The Office?

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