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This Trailer is Riddick-ulous!

This Trailer is Riddick-ulous!

Universal Pictures

Sorry! We just couldn't resist. But seriously, though. This preview for Riddick (the latest chapter in the Chronicles of Riddick series) makes all the other installments look like wimpy girlie-men in comparison. Click here to check it out, but only if you're in the mood to GET YOUR FACE ROCKED OFF OF YOUR FACE.

Some thoughts:

- Daenerys is going to be MAD about her dragon, Riddick.
- Vin's voice is so low and growly it sounds like he's eating the microphone.
- "I've been hunting Riddy for ten years." Ex-squeeze me? Riddy? Pretty sure you got yourself killed JUST for coming up with that nickname.
- "What is it?" Oh, just a puddle of blood? Well, in that case let's hang out! Have a couple cold ones!
- AGHHH! The white shrinky body casing things! What? It's like being frozen in Carbonite and getting slimed had a baby!
- OBVS he's getting rescued by a raptor before you can decapitate him! Also, cut your hair, Gavin Rossdale. What is this, 1995?
- Being attacked by an 80 foot fanged water beast? WWRD? Swat it with his sword! That's JUST how badass he is!

We can't WAIT for this insanity! Just don't be mad at us if we bring a flashlight to the theatre. We might be a tiny bit afraid of the dark after this trailer.

Riddick opens nationwide on September 6, 2013.

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